Prisoner of my soul, my Beloved and Most Kind Jesus, I am all yours!

We have new Postulants: Joanna and Paulina 🙂

Pray for them as they embark this new stage of their vocation 🙂

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Sofia Tajber

Foundress Mother Paula Sofia Tajber The Foundress of the Sisters of the Most Holy Soul of Christ the Lord sepia tone collage of Mother Paula from childhood to adulthood Sofia Tajber was born on June 23, 1890 in Biala Podlaska, Poland and is the fifteenth child in her family. She was raised in a Catholic, religious family. Her father owned a factory in which three-hundred poverty workers were employed. The sociable atmosphere at home, where the parents enthusiastically discussed the betterment of conditions for their employees, began to shape the heart and mind of the child. Her involvement with them at an early age led her to become sensitive to human misery and to the plight of the poor. learn more...

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