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Power of Prayer


– A spirit of prayer and the life of prayer are to lift us in the course of our whole life, during all the activities of each day and night.

– If I am unable to pray and my thoughts do not reach directly to Jesus, I am still confident that Jesus lives in me and permeates my entire being with His love. This truth fills my soul with a grateful and blissful spirit.

Prayer written by Mother Paula Tajber:
An Act of Adoration and Communion with Jesus Christ Present in us

O Jesus living in me, I bless Your presence in me! Take me into Your supreme, divine and saving possession, and rule over me at each moment of the day, so that I may faithfully fulfill Your Most Holy Will. I live only for You, Lord, and wish to carry out everything You have determined to accomplish through me. Therefore, Jesus, may you please work in me and through me, so I might be able to follow Your path to achieve what is destined for me.

You know, my Jesus, that the moments of life flow by very quickly without fruit, but I wish to make use of all of them for Your glory. Therefore, draw me by Your Most Holy Will to Yourself dwelling within me, so that I may not depart from You even for a moment, but always live in You, with You, and for You dwelling within me.

I wish to live in You, my Dear Savior, so that I may become like You, so You may obtain me forever as one living in You, so that I may become Your faithful reflection.

O Jesus, take me into Your complete possession, so I may live in You and with You, for the glory of the Heavenly Father, and that You may reign over my whole intellect and will, so that I may already think, desire, and feel only through You, in You, and with the help of Your grace, together with You.
May Your love be manifested through me; may Your intellect raise my whole being up to You; and may Your Most Holy Will unite and make me one with You forever. Amen.

Written by:
Mother Paula Sophia Tajber



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Sofia Tajber

Foundress Mother Paula Sofia Tajber The Foundress of the Sisters of the Most Holy Soul of Christ the Lord sepia tone collage of Mother Paula from childhood to adulthood Sofia Tajber was born on June 23, 1890 in Biala Podlaska, Poland and is the fifteenth child in her family. She was raised in a Catholic, religious family. Her father owned a factory in which three-hundred poverty workers were employed. The sociable atmosphere at home, where the parents enthusiastically discussed the betterment of conditions for their employees, began to shape the heart and mind of the child. Her involvement with them at an early age led her to become sensitive to human misery and to the plight of the poor. learn more...

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