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Road_To Spiritual union with Jesus living in your soul: – Look deep inside yourself and see how God in Three Divine Persons lives in you, lives for you, in order to become one with you. – Arise and gaze upon the beauty implanted in your soul by the hand of God. This beauty is your image and likeness to God. – Often adore God, hidden in the form of bread and living in your soul. – To live in God is to desire to be with Him at all times and that in the end one might acquire Him. – To live with Jesus is to love, think and act in union with Him, so that our actions may become not only our own, but Jesus’ living within us. – It is difficult to live with God and in God if you do not seek God. – Only in love is the most perfect union with God begotten. (Mother Paula’s mystical union with Jesus – in her own words) The discernment of the Soul of Christ by Sofia took place not only through ordinary meditation but through the path of supernatural contemplation and mystical experience to which such persons have access who are purified, on fire with love and the sacrificial offering of themselves to God, and distinguished by their fidelity to the demands of God’s will. In the “Notebook” compiled 10 years later after the preceding account, she relates: “Yesterday – this was a day in February of the year 1931 – I experienced union with Jesus my God of a more personal nature. Jesus desired from me for Himself as God my exclusive love, at the same time granting His most sacred Love in return, so as to strengthen and enrich my soul. From two till three o’clock in the afternoon – and especially just before three – for tens of seconds I had the impression that I was completely filled with Him. My spirit is no longer mine but that of Jesus, my soul is no longer the same but completely penetrated by His Soul, and is in Its complete possession, such that my intellect is completely absorbed by His, and my entire will taken up in possession by His Will. It gave me the impression that I was only a person visible to the eye, but in that moment, as I received a most wonderful awareness, enraptured by the presence of Jesus in me, it was Jesus who was the main Person – and I had only receded into the background.” So often as Sofia focused on Christ and strove to enter more deeply into the mysterious designs, feelings, wishes and desires of His Soul, she stated that they became for her the basic spiritual nourishment, as she once wrote: “I felt such a love for the thoughts of Jesus, such a strange bond with them and such an attraction to them, that they became a living substance for my intellect, its most basic food, the atmosphere nourishing my soul, and the aromatic fragrance of my own mind. O how the very thought of my Jesus became so dear to me! And what a flame of happiness it awakened in my whole being, I find it hard to express.”

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Manifestation of the value of every human soul: – Beautiful is the soul, which repays all acts with kindness. God loves such soul without measure because there is an echo of Himself in it. – The human soul is the palace of Christ, where He desires to dwell almighty, for it is the Image of God and God desires to mold His image within. – Look within yourself and you will see the great beauty the Hand of God put into your soul. This beauty is your own reflection of God. – When the soul begins to sanctify itself, it not only saves itself, but also becomes valuable to all society because living in harmony with God brings harmony to the world. – We must remember that God created us in His love for an eternal reward; God created us for Himself – for God is love and happiness. – A person who lives only to nourish his physical life and neglects to nurture his spiritual life to achieve his everlasting reward is a foolish person and unworthy of his reward. He is a creature who differs only slightly from the animals that roam the earth. Man must work hard to achieve what God has promised him. A person who carries the Image of God within himself must become one with God. – Learn to recognize your worth and respect it in yourself. – God dwells in the soul, so that the soul may radiate Him. – I wish to die, to die to the senses and to all faculties that are a hindrance to the soul that lives exclusively for God and in God.

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Peaceful acceptance of suffering and afflictions: – Whoever suffers grief, pain, trials and sorrows for the Glory of God, the good of their own souls, and all mankind, lives an honorable life. – Those who suffer and do not offer their sufferings for the Glory of God and their own good, suffer in vain. – Remember, if we do not accept God’s painful trials in complete resignation to His Holy Will, they become warped and all merit, causing Christ much pain. If willingly accepted, however, every cross has the spirit to lead us to Everlasting Glory. Only then, through His grace and our imitation of the Crucified One, will the spirit bring abundant joy to Jesus. – I want to suffer until the end of my life because I am a part of the suffering Christ. – I firmly believe in the justice of God. God sends trials to all who truly love Him, but He never abandons them. – Christ’s cruel passion continues today in His Mystical Body. He is continually rejected, scourged, beaten, spit upon and crowned with thorns. If I willingly accept sufferings, it is my greatest acquisition; and yet not mine, but Jesus’ living within me. – We must not suffer only for ourselves, but also for our families; not only for our own nation, but for all the nations in the world.

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Fulfillment of God’s Will: – Possessing the ability to submit one’s own will to the Will of God is the most important act of man. When done consciously and full of love, man becomes free from satan’s powers, and subordinate to the grace of God’s work. Then, man is directed by the purest will of the Eternal God. – He, who submits his will to the Will of God, is holy. – Want only what God wants and you will have everything. – Only he, who loves God with all his heart and will, truly loves God. – I would go to the ends of the earth to fulfill the Most Holy Will of my Lord and God, to endear myself to the Soul of my Jesus and give Him the opportunity to work and reveal His desired plans and aspirations through me.

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Growth in love toward God and your neighbor: – Christ desires a love that is holy, fervent, living, and bright like the sun. – Love of God and thanksgiving to Him can truly restore mankind and make it happy. – It is a good thing to consider what you do, how you do it, why and for whom you do it. But the best thing is to consider whether you love, how you love, whom you love, and why you love. – To love God is to sacrifice everything for Him. – The spirit of love brings forth happiness of life. – The spirit of love is the spirit of life. – To love God is to love all mankind. Loving mankind is to desire and help it achieve salvation. To desire salvation is to honor God. -One must live in the pure love of God, and thus the will of love of neighbor and oneself become Divine. – I want to love Jesus with the love of God Himself. I want to serve Him faithfully with the eternity of heaven. – God living in your neighbor awaits your act of charity. – Remember that refinement of spirit and a gentle manner with your neighbor is a mark of God’s spirit. – You must serve your neighbor as you would Jesus. – You must love and respect everyone, not because they are dear to you, but because is the Will of God, that we see each other in Him, Whom we desire to serve. – Remember, wherever you are, at home, in school, at the office, in the store, on the farm or wherever, you must implant the goodness of the Soul of Christ in others. – Whatever you sow in the souls of others, you shall reap. If you sow good deeds, love, patience, understanding, and goodness, these virtues will grow and nurture in others, and others will love. – Your word must be pure and free of all elements, which may cause harm to your neighbor. God gave speech to men to be used for the benefits of His glory, the edification, and the spiritual nourishment of our own soul. – When you gossip you look for self-glory. – If we have selfish thoughts or desires of being rewarded for loving God and dedicating our lives to Him, we become mercenaries and unfriendly to God.

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A more fruitful, living, active faith: – The greatness of God’s actions depends on the strength of faith of the human being. Because of this strength, God performs undreamed of miracles. – If you imitate the virtues of Christ living within you, you will never do any wrong. Faith is a virtue that is nurtured by loyalty, hope, charity and patience. – Faith in the work of God inspires deeds performed for the Glory of God. – Faith in God is learning to live for God, in God, with God, and through God, that He may become the Almighty God reigning in the hearts of the faithful. – Loneliness is hypocrisy. Feeling the absence of the Most Holy Being is a lie, darkness of mind, a lazy spirit and a terrible insult against One who exists from eternity. Prove the faith of Jesus’ presence with a peaceful soul, happy spirit, gratitude, and reciprocate His love with your own.   sidebar images:


Sofia Tajber

Foundress Mother Paula Sofia Tajber The Foundress of the Sisters of the Most Holy Soul of Christ the Lord sepia tone collage of Mother Paula from childhood to adulthood Sofia Tajber was born on June 23, 1890 in Biala Podlaska, Poland and is the fifteenth child in her family. She was raised in a Catholic, religious family. Her father owned a factory in which three-hundred poverty workers were employed. The sociable atmosphere at home, where the parents enthusiastically discussed the betterment of conditions for their employees, began to shape the heart and mind of the child. Her involvement with them at an early age led her to become sensitive to human misery and to the plight of the poor. learn more...

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